Welcome to Antibacterial Research and Consulting Specializing in anti-infective discovery and development consultation for the pharmaceutical, biotechology, medical device, and animal health industries.  

We provide cutting edge preclinical and toxicology consulting services to support our clients from the earliest in vitro stage to entry into man. We provide consulting and support to start ups, small, midsize and large biotech and pharma. We want our clients to get into clinic and to be successful and we work hard to be sure this happens.

We are versed in the most cutting edge areas of interest in infectious disease—for example.
We can help solve problems in the development process Has a problem or a crisis occurred during the development process or has a program been put on clinical hold or has an IND been rejected? We can help with this. We can assess the problems and recommend and conduct a plan forward.

We will organize, facilitate and speed our client's route to the clinic, our goal is to facilitate selection of the optimal compound, the most active, the safest and the best formulated to get the compound through the IND process and into the clinic.

Getting started. How do we get started? Just call us and we will listen carefully to your needs. We will go forward from there.

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